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The Role of History

Why should we be studying History? This is an everlasting question in so many people’s minds. The answer is straightforward: by studying the past, we discover critical events to help us build our future, guided by ample experience drawn from previous generations. No wonder that the ancient Greeks called History, the “Life Mentor”.

And through this website and my books, the goal is to cast some light on the most interesting, but poorly understood aspects of Russian history. Surprisingly, the Russian population shows an intense aversion to learn and reflect on Soviet history.

Till today, and through one of the greatest mind manipulations that ever existed, the majority of Russians, probably stunned by the dimensions of this genocide, not only prefer today to ignore it, but by some misplaced sick commemorations, wish even to honor these cruel days (reputable Russian historians reckon that between fifty to sixty million innocent victims died during the seventy-four years of the communist regime).

Writing our books in English should allow to reach the largest reand hopefully give the Soviet Genocide the place it deserves in history.

Our Quest for Recognition of the Soviet Genocide

So many thinkers developed a deep rooted dream of social justice for humanity based on the works of Marx, Lenin and Stalin. But the distressing story is that the whole “Red-Bolshevik” Utopia led to merciless massacres and widespread social destruction. So much has been written on the atrocities of the Nazi regime, while till today much more sophisticated monstrosities of the Soviet era remain largely ignored.

This process of studying and reflecting on history is generally a personal journey. Some historical events tend to be repeated relentlessly, although often dressed up differently. Prior and after World War Two, many intellectuals in the Western world, fascinated by the theories of communism, spread ideal images that still linger in many countries. The communist ideology, then became accepted as a possible political vision without even being questioned (or researched) for their absurd consequences.

Mass Media Disinformation

Maintaining a near-serfdom state of mind within the population does require careful planning and execution of psychological propaganda. It acts as a mind-numbing drug, depriving the majority of the population of its inviolable free will. By critically ascertaining mass media (from Internet to TV channels or newspapers), we easily recognize how we are constantly brainwashed by deceitful news media.


This is why we decided to dedicate a first series of books on how the Soviet propaganda unraveled throughout her history. These first books are illustrated with political propaganda posters that managed to dazzle the conscience of the Russian people and transform them to obedient zombies. Many books have been published on this subject, mostly by scholars, and they do not appear to make a dent on an ever-increasing pressure to swallow elite-controlled fabricated stories.

While fully aware that very powerful forces and well-funded organizations are at play, I will devote my efforts to write concise, easy-to-read, informative books on the Soviet Genocide to highlight how our human hope for social justice is invariably betrayed.

At a later date, the pivotal focus on the Soviet Genocide will be expanded to raise awareness of my readers to always stay alert and exercise a balanced judgment on mass media propaganda.

Thanking you all for joining me in this long crusade.

About the Author

Larisa Vetrova

Larisa Vetrova

Russian citizen, I spent most of my life in Russia (first thirty years suffocating under the Soviet regime) till the days of Perestroika, the fall of the Berlin wall and the next ten years that saw the chaotic recovery of my country. I then emigrated to Western Europe in 2002 where I felt the urge to tell the world about the Soviet Genocide where an estimated sixty million people perished from Soviet madness.

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